Before using any of The Universal Scrobbler's tools, you need to

Scrobble from database

Want to scrobble an album, but can't be bothered entering all the details manually?, Discogs & MusicBrainz all have online music databases of artist, album & track information. Here you can search these databases, find the correct albums/tracks, and scrobble quickly & easily.

Note that this means that the accuracy of this tool is only as good as the information provided by the database, and the different databases have different strengths. is recommended as a starting point, as it has the most concise list and shows the most popular options first. Discogs & MusicBrainz are more detailed & complete, but often have a large amount of results (with only minor variations) for popular artists. Unfortunately all databases will have inaccuracies - you're welcome to go and fix these inaccuracies in the database if you wish.

It's highly recommend to quote search terms to minimise the list of results you get via Discogs & MusicBrainz. Searching for ok computer will get releases that match both ok and computer, but searching for "ok computer" gets more focussed results. Via Discogs you can also give complete release names with a hyphen, such as "jeff buckley - grace", whereas jeff buckley grace will get many more results.

Bulk scrobbles and full album scrobbles will be reverse timestamped for the duration of the album, finishing with the current timestamp. Individual scrobbles will have the current timestamp.